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Yet Antoher Copy && Paste Programmer


Redir your local socket with eBPF and aya-rs
·777 words·4 mins
为什么我觉得 すずめの戸締まり 剧情很奇怪
·51 words·1 min
Drop is inserted automatically when mutable variables are re-assigned
·565 words·3 mins
Migrate from Vim to Neovim
·481 words·3 mins
日语入门 & JLPT 经验分享
·16 words·1 min
What happens when a key is pressed - (1)
·2458 words·12 mins
N 种方式复制上一条命令的输出
·550 words·3 mins
My Arch Linux RICE
·1642 words·8 mins
从 timeshift restore 导致 home 挂载失败说起
·978 words·5 mins
Kubernetes 源码剖析 — kubelet ImageGC
·2080 words·10 mins